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Hello Function on Amazon at http://
Hello World on Amazon at http://
Collapse Azure-Web-Page on Azure at http://Azure-Web-Page on Azure at http://
.html located on the Blob storage container
Collapse AzureBlueHostBooks on Azure at http://AzureBlueHostBooks on Azure at http://
Select all books by author in MySql database on BlueHost
Collapse AzureFunction-Hello on Azure at http://AzureFunction-Hello on Azure at http://
Trigger function to display a hello web page
Collapse RandyWebFunctions on Azure at http://RandyWebFunctiona.azurewebsites.netRandyWebFunctions on Azure at
Page1 - Slider that changes the background color
Page1 - Rotator for images
Page2 - GridView
Page2 - Month calendar display and date selection
Page2 - Popup calendar for date selection
Page2 - Dropdown list
Page2 - Table
Page2 - Repeater
Page2 - DataList
Page2 - ListView
Page2 - ListBox, CheckList, RadioList
Page3 - Ajax toolkit functions
Collapse WebAppsInventory on Azure at http://WebAppsInventory on Azure at http://
Iterate AppFunctionsInventory with foreach to find the parent node to add each child
Iterate AppsInventory to create TreeView parent nodes
Collapse WebDirectory on Azure at http://WebDirectory on Azure at http://
BlueHost apps for my wordpress, wordpress backup, google backup, and old lawn care
WinHost apps for Lawn care and config
Google VM with WordPress
Azure has these apps in Blob container and in Web Apps Service
Amazon for HelloWorld (S3) and ??? (EC2)
Misc for, Wix, and Scratch
Backups on BlueHost at http://
WordPress on BlueHost at http://
Hello on Google at http://
Linux VM on Google at
Animate a Word on Scratch at http://
Config on WinHost at http://
Lawn Care on WinHost at http://
Fitness on WIX at http://
Lawn Care on WIX at http://
WordPress on WordPress at http://